About Livin’ the Life in LA

Yours truly just starting out as a blogger attending BlogHer 2016

Hello, I am so glad that you’ve stopped by Livin’ the Life in LA!  My name is Sheryl, and my hope with this lifestyle blog is to share with you (yes you my dear reader) information, insights and maybe a touch of inspiration about the interests we have in common.  What might those be?  I originally started this blog to share information about baking bread – it was a therapeutic endeavor that expanded to include other topics that I wanted to write and share about.  From architecture and interior design, to baking, makeup, and travel to name a few.  If these topics are of interest to you too, then you’re in the right place.

If, for example you’re into bread you’ll hear about the recipes, ingredients, techniques and results that I’m getting at home in my kitchen. You might want to check into my series on the virtual bake-along that I participate in monthly under the category Rose’s Bread Bible Bakers to get started. Into architecture and interior design?  I’ll share some of what I’ve learned about various styles and how they’ve evolved – for example my two part Introduction to Hollywood Regency Design (with some great visual examples here and on my Instagram feed).  These are just a few examples, and the best way to stay up to date with what’s on my mind is to follow the blog and follow me on Instagram and Twitter where I share some of what I’m reading.

So why am I qualified to share my thoughts on these topics?  In some cases, it is years of practical experience, or years of education as a mature woman.  In others, like how to put on false eyelashes, it is just the school of hard knocks or through dealing with a personal challenge.  My opinions are my own and I’ll share freely, but love and welcome hearing about your experiences and learning through comments.  That feedback helps me learn and grow!

Interested?  If so be sure to subscribe, follow on social media, comment and share freely.   If you want to reach me directly feel free to email me at imlivinthelifeinla at gmail.  I hope to see you back here soon!