Let’s Celebrate National Lipstick Day!

As I write this quick post, National Lipstick Day is coming to an end—this cause for celebration would have gone unnoticed by me without the wonderful staff at the Sephora store in Santa Monica where I took a smoky eye class last night. That is a story for another day. In order to have your lipstick look great, it is imperative that you have moist, chap free lips. You might say that I am a connoisseur of lip balms and scrubs – there are many of these products that I really like but none of them solved a serious problem.

See back at the beginning of the year, I found myself in a rather desperate situation. I will save that long story for another day too (my story backlog is growing quickly), but the abbreviated version is that I found myself spending 3 weeks in the hospital – six days of which were in Critical Care following emergency brain surgery. During this time my lips became extremely dry and chapped to the point where nothing seemed to improve the situation. When I was released, I discovered a lip mask that turned things around with visible improvement after the first use.

My endorsement of this product is whole-hearted, sincere, and provided without any compensation from the manufacturer. The hero product in this story is FlashPatch Lip Gels by patchology – they have become part of my regimen (I use them twice a week now) and I have repurchased them as my supply is running low. I buy them from Dermstore, and a jar of 24 retails for $50 US. Yes, they are pricey, but Dermstore has periodic sales and the sale savings can be anywhere from 20-30%.

IMG_1554Here is a photo of the lip gels with three recent lipstick purchases that I’m loving right now.  From left, Charlotte Tilbury‘s Secret Salma, Tom Ford‘s Sunset Boulevard, and Anastasia Beverly Hills Grape Jelly (from the limited edition summer lip gloss set).

I hope you had a great lipstick day –remember it isn’t just about the lipstick. When combined with a great lip care routine, lip primer and pencils your lips can look and feel fantastic!