Need an Easy Festive Punch for Your New Years Celebration?

fullsizeoutput_7acThis is a quick post about an easy, festive punch that is perfect for the holiday season.  I’ve made this  Pomegranate-Champagne Punch from Bon Appétit magazine for the last several years with great success.  If you are familiar with their recipe rating system, this one is a “four-forker” which is the highest rating given based on reader feedback.  It is easy to make, popular with my guests, and it looks really pretty.  I’ve made a few variations, so don’t feel that you need to follow this recipe to the letter.

hp_instagramgallery_02_smallThe recipe calls for two bottles of champagne, but you can certainly use prosecco instead.  I have used the La Marca prosecco, available at Costco, in the past with very good results.  There are some even more budget-friendly options you can try as using an expensive champagne or prosecco would be total overkill for punch.

Another change you can make is to substitute vodka for the white rum.  I didn’t realize that I was out of rum and made this change.  It worked out just fine. In addition to serving the punch in a bowl as depicted above, you can mix the syrup, juice, and rum or vodka and mix them in a pitcher.  You can then pour and garnish your drinks individually.  I have prepared the punch in one of those drink dispensers with the spigot, but that is my least preferred approach as the garnishes don’t make their way into the individual servings.  By the way, I normally use fluted champagne glasses, but decided my martini glasses weren’t getting enough action.