Pan Seared Chicken with Harissa Chickpeas

I recently found a blog called Kitchen Konfidence by Brandon Matzek while browsing thefeedfeed on Instagram.  Brandon’s beautiful photography enticed me to try this recipe.  I thought I had everything on hand, but discovered to my horror that the harissa jar was empty.  I substituted an equal amount of Patak’s hot curry paste (I’m into spicy ethnic foods) and it turned out well although with more of an Indian vibe.  I’ll look forward to making this again when I restock my supply of harissa.  In the meantime, you might enjoy Brandon’s blog and the recipe which is posted at the link above.

Not familiar with harissa?  It is a popular condiment in Mediterranean and North African cooking which I originally discovered years ago in Paula Wolfert’s book, The Slow Mediterranean Kitchen.   A Tunisian hot red pepper paste, it is great if you’re into spicy foods.  Brandon provides a recipe so you can make your own from scratch, or you can buy it ready made.  You might try some to enhance a plain hummus, on its own as a dip, or in a recipe like this one.  I can usually find a roasted tomato version at my local grocery but a small jar is rather pricey so I may try making a batch at home.


Here is Brandon’s beautiful photo of the finished recipe — his pan is really interesting




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